Banjul International airport

Banjul International airport

“Na ngadef” is the commonly used greeting in The Gambia and it means ‘hello’ in the Wollof tribal language. We hope that you enjoy our website, which will take you on a journey to the West-African country of The Gambia. It is the smallest country on the African continent and – since 1995 – we have been helping a number of people belonging to this friendly, but extremely poor, population by means of education, aid supplies and the realization of projects which are very necessary.

Strand bij Palm Beach Hotel

Beach at Palm Beach Hotel

We went to The Gambia for the thirtieth time in May 2011 and so we feel now that we can rightfully call it our second homeland. Our experiences with the local population, which means our friends, are depicted on this site in a concise way in order to give you an impression of all the things we are doing for them. Should you wish to learn more about this country, its inhabitants and our experiences, then click on the button “Gambia book” elsewhere on this site…

We are of the opnion that it is definitely worth while to offer the sweet and modest people in The Gambia that we have slected to achieve a better future. We are trying to realize all this as private people, so without any back-up of a foundation or a charity.

We hope that you will experience a lot of pleasure from reading and viewing our site,

Henk & Hennie Meeuwis

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