He is modest and super polite, in his thirties, married, and he used to work as a gardener at Palm Beach Hotel for some time, however, … like our friend Joe Mendy and our next friend, Pa Sanyang, he was fired by the new hotel management. In his capacity as gardener, he was frequently asked by Opa – who does not speak English – to be an interpreter and that is how we got to know him. During the past few years, Amadou has become our regular ‘Wonjo-chef’, the typically Gambian red tea made from dried Wonjo flowers and which tastes a little of rubarb. He used to give jembe lessons to white tourists and changed his name to Armstrong, because that was easier for them to pronounce and remember. In the mean time, he has found work again as a gardener at a flat complex, which is a good thing for him and his family.
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