In 1995, the ‘Community Centre’ in the town of Bakau was the very first Gambian school we visited. Mr. Momodou Demba was in charge and during our visit he told us that there was a lack of all kinds of school materials, such as pens, pencils, workbooks and pieces of chalk for the blackboard. Because of sponsoring, we were able to do more and more in the course of time to see to it that the pupils had something to write with and on. This introduced the end of lessons that exclusively consisted of monotonous repetition and role plays or dances, as a direct result of the lack of chalk and stationary. Moreover, we supplied them with toys to play with during the breaks (like a football, tennis balls and skipping ropes) and we bought buckets and drinking cups, so that the pupils could have a drink of water in between lessons. Finally, because of our help, this school was able to be reasonably self-sufficient and we went looking for an other primary school that could use a helping hand because it was starting up: the ‘Jatta School’.
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