Bubba Dibba is a single, athletic man in his thirties, who originally comes from the north bank of the river Gambia in order to try his luck in the tourist industry. Because of his faithful service, loyalty, attentiveness and impeccable contact with tourists, he managed to become the supervisor of the beach boys: i.e. boys who work on the beach for the hotel, but without any pay.They do get meals from the hotel for their services and in some cases they also get lodging. In order to make some money, these boys depend on tips from the tourists for arranging their beds and making trips with them. From the little money he makes – even to Gambian standards – Bubba is paying for the carpentry training of his younger brother and sends the rest of his money to his mother in his place of birth to support her livelihood. He, too, makes trips with Toobabs in order to have some extra cash and keeps a sharp eye on ‘his’ boys to ensure that they are doing their jobs the way they are supposed to… Every day, Bubba sees to it that our sunbeds and the tables are neatly arranged at our umbrella and that the place is nicely raked. He is very serious as far as his job is concerned and thinks of the condition the beach is in as his private responsibility, for Bubba knows full well that the tourists deserve to be spoilt, since they are the reason for his job!

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