Ebrima Jallow is in his mid-forties and a real family man; he is married and really super proud of his children, for whom he is toiling from early morning till late at night. He definitely wants his children to have the opportunities that he himself never had and he is doing everything he can to give them a better future. Ebrima works as a beach waiter at the Beach Bar belonging to the hotels Badala Park and Palm Beach and he practises his profession with dedication. He is one of those Gambians with a service job who sincerely loves his guests and does everything in his power to please them.
He has a tiny house for himself in Serrekunda, but his family lives in Barra, a town on the north bank of the river Gambia. He chose for this option because travelling to and fro takes up too much time, is too expensive and sometimes even impossible since he is dependent on the ferry’s departure times to take him from the capital, Banjul, to his hometown, Barra.

Ebrima has pointed out to us many times that the aid supplies we frequently send are the reason why – during the past twelve years – there was no need for him to buy any clothes for himself and that because of these goods the Jallow-family was able to set aside some money for things like education.
Ebrima’s compound in Barra

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