We met Joe Mendy when he was still a trainee worker, serving our breakfast in Palm Beach Hotel. Joe is highly intelligent and also because of his effort and punctuality, he managed to get promoted to being a receptionist in a very short period of time. At this moment, Joe has successfully completed his secondary school and his diploma enables him to start an academic education in the field of international tourism at Banjul University. Joe will then be a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) after four years of study and will hopefully be able to find a good job! And although it is an extremely expensive education according to Gambian standards, we have been able to grant Joe this opportunity through the help of sponsors, because we are quite certain that he will go fot it for the full one hundred per cent!
Joe is really self-educated and knows how to work the computer without ever having had a computer course or anything of the sort. He is now using the laptop we gave him as a present in May 2010 for giving computer lessons to children from his neighbourhood. In this way, his young pupils receive a foundation for a modern existence and possibly better chances on the labour market and, moreover, it provides Joe with a way of putting his self-acquired knowledge in the digital field to a good use.

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